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Travel Vlog: Hitchhiking in Kyrgyzstan (2010)

Let me take you to Kyrgyzstan this week! I traveled there 10 years ago when I bought a one way plane ticket to Uzbekistan and started to explore the beautiful contrasts of Central Asia and different parts of the Silk Road by hitchhiking. Since we are under lockdown now, I thought that this could be the right time to finally edit the footage - which is something that I probably had to do long ago :) At the 1st part of this video you will see beautiful drives and incredible nature sights in Tian Shan mountains (which is part of Himalayan orogenic belt), and you will meet people who still live in yurts as nomads. At the 2nd part, we will go to the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek which highly contrasts the rest of the country. At the end, we will go to the beautiful Issyk Kul Lake (which is 2nd largest saline lake (some sources list it as 5th, though), 7th deepest lake in the world and 10th largest lake in the world by volume) and we will explore 2 sides of it - the touristic North side of this endorheic lake which reminds a bit of resorts by the sea in ex-Soviet countries (Kyrgyzstan is landlocked country, though - according to Wikipedia, it is farther from the sea than any other individual country in the world, and all its rivers flow into closed drainage systems which do not reach the sea) and the relatively untouched South side which is dominated by the ruggedly beautiful Teskey Ala-Too Range of the Tian Shan mountains. Hitchhiking in Kyrgyzstan was fun. I met lots of great people and made friends. I still keep in touch with some of the people. I did get in trouble in Osh (2nd largest city in Kyrgyzstan which was quite unstable at that time due to deadly ethnic clashes in 2010 that ended just few weeks before I arrived, as well as earthquake which happened few days before I arrived in Kyrgyzstan from Tajikistan) because some people tried to rob me. Anyway, all ended safe. Except for that little accident, I have only the greatest memories from Kyrgyzstan. My apologies that video quality is not the greatest but hey, this trip was 10 years ago :) It was filmed with very old video camera with video tapes. Song is called Depths (Dzīles) and it is included in my latest music album 'Zeme'. Featuring musicians are Regan Awale (from Nepal), Ivars Stubis (from Australia), Erna Daugaviete, Ernests Medins (both from Latvia). Full album stream -​ This is my original composition and it isn't anyhow related with Kyrgyz music. I just thought that this music fits the landscapes well :) If you enjoyed this video, check out my travel vlog series about hitchhiking in Uzbekistan & Tajikistan! Uzbekistan Vlog Episode -​ Tajikistan Vlog Episode -


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