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Reinis Jaunais - Atceries (Kalnos): solo versija | Remember (Solo Version)

Šī ir dziesmas Atceries (Kalnos) solo versija. Video filmējām pirms pusotra gada Spānijā, Portugālē un Itālijā, Eiropas tūres laikā. Ceru, jums patiks :)

This is solo version of my song Remember (Up The Hills). We filmed it during our Europe tour at the fall of 2019 in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Hope you will enjoy! :)

Audio mixed and mastered by Arvis Ahuns

Video made by me, Reinis Jaunais, and my lovely wife Laima Jaunā

Song is included in album Zeme - check it out here -​ Live video -

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