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Hitchhiking adventure in Uzbekistan (2010) | Travel Vlog

This is me having fun while hitchhiking in the country of Uzbekistan 10 years ago. I composed this composition 'Steppe' inspired by my trip to Uzbekistan and it is included in my latest music album ‘Zeme’. If you have been to my concert, you might remember some stories about my hitchhiking adventures in Central Asia, including Uzbekistan. Sometimes people ask me if I have made some pictures during my travels. Well, in most of cases I did not make any pictures or videos during my early hitchhiking trips. However, recently I found some video tapes (yes, tapes!). I was never sure if video quality is good enough, though, since video technologies have developed so much ever since then. Anyway, here it is - little insight in my Uzbekistan trip. I visited lots of historic places, met lots of cool, kind and crazy people, drivers. I had some lovely parties there, random invitations to local wedding (people might invite you to their wedding only because you are passing by! 😃 ) and so on.

Musicians in the song:

Reinis Jaunais - guitars, bass

Ernests Mediņš - vibraphone

Erna Daugaviete - cello

Mixed by Arvis Ahuns

Mastered by Kārlis Šteinmanis

Video filmed by Reinis Jaunais (sorry for the poor quality!) and edited by Laima Jaunā (she made the best out of it!) 🙂

Check out our full album ‘Zeme’, participating people from all over the world -


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